Exposure visit of NHPC officials under Consultancy Project

Last Updated on 25.07.2017

NHPC officials with project team

Two fisheries officers from National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), New Delhi were visited to ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore for an exposure on fish taxonomy, ecology, and fish migration study, under the project "Assessment on efficacy of fish ladders provided across Teesta Low Dam Stage III and IV power stations in West Bengal" during 18th to 21st July 2017. A day to day programme was made as per the mandated activities under the project objectives. In the opening session, the Director and PI of the project interacted with the NHPC officials along project team members about the progress of the work and future plan of action to fulfil the targeted mile stones. During their visit, the officers were also undergone hands on operation of electro fishing equipment and its efficient use for catching of hill-stream fish species and tagging of fish for migration study.

ICAR-CIFRI bred River Ganga fish for in-situ conservation under NMCG Project

Last Updated on 24.07.2017

Brooders selection

The breeding programme of River Ganga fish, Labeo rohita (rohu) and Cirrhinus mrigala (mrigal) was conducted on 18th July 2017. The fishes were collected earlier from River Ganga and reared in brood stock pond. Fully mature brooders were selected for the breeding. A hatchery (owner: Tamal Mitra) was selected nearby the brood stock pond and the brooders were acclimatized for three hours prior to first dose of injection. Crude pituitary gland (CPG) was prepared and injected for artificial propagation. The first doses of injection was given at 7.30 PM followed by second one at 1.30 AM. Stripping was done early morning at 5.30 AM. Around 12 lakhs of eggs were produced with a fertilization rate of 98%.


Model Training course on enclosure culture in inland open waters

Last Updated on 21.07.2017

Model Training course on enclosure culture in inland open waters

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