Workshop on Ganga Fisheries at Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI

Allahabad Regional Centre of ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute celebrated World Fisheries Day on 21.11.2014 for 5th consecutive year. To commemorate the occasion a workshop was organised on 'Ganga Nadeekee Bahumulya Matsya Prajatiyan: Sanrakshyanevam Samvardhanke eAwashyakta'. The workshop aimed to highlight the importance of fish diversity of the Ganga river, because the river is known as original abode of the valuable Indian major carps i.e. Labeorohita, Catlacatla, Cirrhinusmrigalaand number of some catfish and other species. But, the river is rapidly losing its valuable fish diversity due to cumulative effect of massive anthropogenic activities in the river and along the catchments. The river Ganga along with its tributaries is dammed or proposed at various sites in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The obstructions have blocked migratory route of the important Himalayan fishes like mahseer and snowtrouts in the upper reaches. Further, IMC and major catfishes reportedly contributed almost 70% of the catches in the middle stretches, during 1961-70 have reduced to about 10-20 % of total catches, while exotics (tilapia and common carp) alone contributes almost 30 % of the total catches. If the situation persists longer, the river will probably loose valuable fish germplasms, which are required for sustenance of ecological balance; their medicinal, ornamental, sport, food values and source of germplasm for posterity.

Training Program on Enclosure culture for fishers of Telangana during 11-15 November, 2014

CIFRI conducted NFDB sponsored training program on 'Enclosure (Cage & Pen) culture in inland open waters for producing fingerlings and table fish' for the fishers of Telangana during 11-15 November, 2014. 27 Fishers from Medak, Nizamabad and Mahboobnagar districts engaged in fishing in Pocharam and KoilSagar reservoirs of Telangana, and two Fishery Development Officers attended the training program. Keeping in view the socio-economic background of the fishers, the training need was assessed and based on that the training schedule was developed.

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