CIFRI's drive towards Swachh Bharat

CIFRI took an initiative for Swachh Bharat Mission by creating awareness among members of CIFRI family on 25th September, 2014. Prof. A.P Sharma, Director, CIFRI took the lead role to generate consciousness about Swachh Bharat. He articulated in his speech that Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass mission, with aim to offer tribute to our father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji on his 150th anniversary in 2019. He also requested the women staff members to gear up the noble cause of Swachh Bharat. The women staff members of CIFRI organized an awareness programme at CIFR's residential colony on 26th September, 2014 and also goaded the ladies and children to maintain cleanliness in the residential campus.

Sustainable Livelihood programme of CIFRI, Kolkata Centre under Tribal Sub Plan at Sagar Island, Sundarban, West Bengal

Sagar Island, widely known as Ganga Sagar is a 213.8 sq km large island which lies at the mouth of the Hooghly River. It has a population of about 2.25 lakh living in about 44 villages. The Island is part of Indian Sunderban, rich in mangrove swamps, waterways and small rivers. The area is cyclone prone, monsoonal and low-lying, with many settlements located alongside the waterways and coastline. The tides surges into the estuary system, pushing saline water over the embankments and through the breaches of embankments into agricultural fields causing serious damage to the lives and livelihoods of inhabitants. During agricultural lean season, people resort to fishing and collection of prawn seeds, even risking their lives from man-eating tigers and crocodiles.

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