Reservoir and Wetland Fisheries,Division

The Reservoir Division is based at Barrackpore. The investigations being carried out at the Division is aimed at developing management norms for optimizing fish yield from large, medium and small reservoirs of the country.

Ongoing Projects

Ecosystem based fisheries management in reservoirs and wetlands

Project Code Title Scientists
RWF/NE/12/01/01 Sustainable management of floodplain wetlands for enhanced fishery and livelihood B.K.Bhattacharjya, B.K.Basu, U.K.Sarkar,M.A.Hassan, D.Debnath, S.Yengkokpam, A.K.Yadav, P.Das, S.C.S.Das,
D.N.Jha,M.Aftabuddin, D.K.Meena, M.A.Alam, Arun Pandit, Sandhya K.M., Lianthuamluaia, Suman Kumari, Vikash Kumar, Vaishak G, J.Kumar, Niti Sharma, Simanku Borah, N.Samarendra Singh, Mishal P. and Priti J.Majhi
RWF/SR/12/02/02 Habitat characteristics,fish assemblage and stock dynamics and impact of stocking in selected reservoirs D.S.K.Rao*,U.K.Sarkar,M.Karthikeyan,R.Palaniswamy,
P.PanikKer,D.Bhakta,Sandhya K.M,T.T.Paul,V.L.Ramya, Suman Kumari,
Lianthuamluaia,V.Kumar,G.Karnatak,Mishal P.,Sibina Mol.S.,A.K.Bera,Himanshu S.Swain,T.Tayung and Priti J. Majhi
RWF/SR/12/02/03 Application of acoustics and trophic models for ecosystem-based fisheries management in reservoirs M.F.Khan, P.Panikkar, V.L.Ramya and Sibina Mol S.
RWF/ER/12/02/04 Refinement of enclosure fish culture (pens and cages) in reservoirs and wetlands for production of stocking materials and table fish A.K.Das,B.K.Das,U.K.Sarkar,D.N.Jha,A.Alam,Suman Kumari, Vikash Kumar,G.Karnatak,A.K.Bera, H.S.Swain and T.Tayung

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