27 June 2018, ICAR - CIFRI HQs, Barrackpore: A Proteomics Workshop (named Barrackpore Proteomics Workshop, BPW) was inaugurated by Dr B. K. Das, Director, ICAR- CIFRI on 27 June 2018 at its HQs, Barrackpore. This workshop is first of its kind in fisheries and aquaculture in the country and this five-day on-going program, scheduled from 27 June to 2 July 2018, to provide the young researchers the basics as well as hands-on training on proteomics. Proteomics is a highly powerful tool in protein analysis which supplements gene sequence data with protein information about where, in which ratio and under what condition proteins are expressed. Proteomic biomarkers are gaining immense clinical importance in the practice of medicine. Proteomics research has potential values in monitoring health status and can be used as a diagnostic tool for disease detection and staging, as well as a tool for disease prognosis. This workshop will help the participants in identification and characterization of proteins expressed by a genome or organs/tissues/cell types at a particular time and to understand the function of the protein. The course content includes introduction to Proteomics and Biomarker discovery, SDS- PAGE, 2-D Gel electrophoresis, Western Blotting, 2-D gel based proteomics, Image Analysis, Bioinformatics- MASCOT and MS-Fit, Pathway Analysis, PRIDE Database, FISHPROT Database, Transcriptomics and Pharmacoproteomics. A total of 12 young researchers, including teaching faculties, from SAUs and traditional Universities in Odisha, West Bengal, and research institutes under the Council have joined this program. Dr. B. P. Mohanty is the Course Director of the program. Dr. S. K. Manna, Dr. B. K. Behera and D. Karunakaran are the Course Coordinators while Dr. P. K. Parida and Dr. Arabinda Mohanty are the Course Coordinators of this workshop.


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