1. Nutrient profiling of fish.
  2. Generating information for developing fish based ‘Dietary Guidelines’.
  3. Conducting clinico-epidemiological studies for establishing the ‘Health benefits of eating fish’.

Approach to the Project

  1. Nutrient profiling in terms of proximate composition, fatty acids, amino acids, selected vitamins and trace elements of selected edible fish and shellfish species.
  2. Estimating variations in nutrient composition of different species raised from different habitats, culture systems and levels of management practices.
  3. Sample assessment of consumption rate and pattern by different sections of fish eating population in different regions of the country.
  4. Generate information as clinico-epidemiological parameters on general health profile of population to correlate the fish intake on child health (in collaboration with qualified dieticians and / or NGOs).
  5. Conduct specific feeding trials in linkage with human nutritionists / experts in the field.

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